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Term 4

Our Car Design and Build Project will end with a Competition

Our project is going to involve design and technology, mathematics and science (forces).


To learn about the design features of cars we are going to:


  • Research model car design with trials of toy cars and use the internet.

To start to explore and develop our ideas we are going to:


  • Design possible solutions to the competition brief using sketches, labelled and exploded diagrams.



To make models of our car designs we are going to:


  • Learn to measure, cut and join resistant materials.


  • Consider forces when developing designs and prototypes.



To evaluate and improve our designs we will:


  • Test and evaluate model designs.


  • Modify designs in light of test results.


  • Draw upon research and test results to produce final competition vehicle.



To finish our project we will enter our car in a competition to see which one rolls the furthest down a ramp.