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Water, Winter and Wonder!

Welcome back, Apache Class! 

This term's topic is...

Water, Winter and Wonder!

Grab your coat and get ready for an adventure as we follow Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy through the wardrobe and into the magical land of... Narnia!


Our amazing work this term will be combined into a class book for the school library.



This term we will be exploring The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. We will write diary entries and postcards home as if we were Lucy exploring Narnia. We will write persuasive letters and create a poster enticing people to visit Narnia. We will produce a newspaper report around Lucy’s visit to Narnia through the magical wardrobe or Edward’s disappearance in the world of eternal winter and the White Witch’s castle. Towards the end of the term, we will continue our exploration of poetry from last term. We will experience classic and contemporary poetry from a range of poets and will write our own contemporary poem all about winter. Our poetry will be exhibited as an anthology for our class book.



Have you ever wondered why it is always winter in Narnia? Why doesn't the ice or snow melt? How could we melt the ice and bring spring to Narnia once again? In our science lessons, we will be investigating Changes of State. We will explore the effects of heating and cooling on different materials and will be enjoying lots of practical activities. We will consider the difference between reversible and irreversible changes of state, explore freezing, melting and boiling points and discover what happens to particles when materials are heated or cooled. Our exploration of ice and water will form the non-fiction section of our class book.



Our geography work will follow on from our science investigations and we will be exploring the water cycle as spring returns to Narnia. We will consider the impact of changes of state within the context of the natural world, focusing on evaporation and condensation, as well as looking at precipitation in its different forms and measuring rainfall. We will discuss the importance of rivers, lakes and oceans and will explore the impact of water pollution on the wider environment.



We will complete the term with some winter-themed art  inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. We will explore the principles abstract art and Kandinsky's contribution to this movement, before focusing primarily on his use of colour; this will include colour mixing and experimenting with different tones to reflect the mood of a piece of art and the feelings of the artist towards a particular subject. We will also explore Kandinsky's use of line, form and reflection in water. Our final winter-themed abstract art, inspired by Kandinsky, will illustrate our class book of poetry.



"Always winter and never Christmas; think of that!"

"How awful," said Lucy.

Thankfully in Apache Class we will be fully embracing the festive spirit!

We will have plenty of fun to look forward to as the magic of Christmas approaches.

Please keep an eye on our class page for updates.