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Term 3 'Tremendous Transport'

Our topic this term is 'Transport.'  we are looking forward to getting out and about around camp to find out about all the amazing vehicles we have within walking distance of our school. 

We also hope to have a visit to see some very old trains and find out all about what transport was like in the past. 
If you mummies and daddies out there have any inside information on any kind of transport and would like to share it with the children. please do get in touch. We love to have parent visitors!

We will be introducing the children to homework this term as we will be sending home spellings on Wednesdays to be learned in time for the spelling test on the following Wednesday.

We will also be sending a small piece of maths homework designed to reinforce the things we are learning in class as well as provide an opportunity for children to talk to parents about what they are learning.

Finally in addition to this we will be sending home information about  Road Safety.

The children may have already told you that this term we are mixing the two Year 1 classes for Literacy and Maths to give the children more opportunity to work with and support other children who are working at a similar level. The children are very excited as are the staff.

In maths we will be beginning to solve more problems by ourselves as well as work more on our mental arithmetic skills.
In literacy we will be reading and making our own instructions as well as using text books and the internet to find information and write our own information texts.