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Dear Parents,

                      First of all, thank you so much for all you are doing. I know some of you are new to Home Learning so here is an overview of how it will work.

-Each day, except Monday, before 12 o'clock I will post a Phonics session onto Google Classroom. Somedays this will be a straight forward video or it may also have a task attached. No phonics session should take more than 20 mins with the videos never longer than 15mins. On a Monday, a Maths session be posted instead.

-A second video will be posted each day, these could include things such as: funky fingers, science, maths e.t.c. While I will try to post this video before 12 o'clock too, please be patient as some of these may need to be filmed early afternoon. Whatever happens the second videos will be uploaded by 1 o'clock. 

Videos sometimes do not work when viewed directly on Google Classroom and may need to be downloaded in order to view. 


-Before 9am on a Monday, a timetable for the week will be uploaded to Google Classroom. It will contain 4 sections per day:

1. Main activity: this is the activity we would have been doing in school. Documents and videos, if needed for this activity, will be posted to Google Classroom by 9am on the day of the activity. You will know if documents or videos are needed as they it will be indicated in red on the weekly plan. 

2. Phonics: video on Google Classroom by 12 o'clock. Monday: Maths, Phonics: rest of the week. 

3: Second video activity: the activity will be presented to the children as part of the video. Anything children need for this activity will be in red on the weekly timetable. 

4: Additional Activity: this is an optional activity for those who would like to complete it.

Each days activities need not be completed in the order above, in fact you may choose to do activities 1 and 4 while waiting for the needed videos. 

When accessing Google Classroom, after clicking on Squirrel class click on classwork at the top of the screen to see all work under the correct headings. This might be an easier way than using the class stream. 


If you do not have your child's Google Classroom login please contact the school office. You can also contact the office with any other questions you may have.


All Reception children now have Reading Eggs logins. You should have received these over the last few days however if you have not please contact the office. For those who are unaware, Reading Eggs is an online programme that contains reading activities and books tailored to your child's level. The website address is 


Once again, thank you for all you are doing. Please try not to worry too much, anything you do at home, no matter how small will help. We miss you all very much and cannot wait until we are back together again. We are always here should you need further support so please do not hesitate to ask. 


Miss Webster and the Reception Team