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Squirrel - Foundation Stage

Welcome to Squirrel Class.

Mrs Clarke is our teacher. Mrs Towart and Mrs. Lyes are our Teaching Assistants.
In our Foundation Stage we love to learn through play and exploration. We have lots of exciting areas in our classroom, such as a role play area, writing corner - where we can write letters, practice our letter formation and make marks, sand, water, movement corner, construction, junk modelling, messy area, library and an ICT area.
We also LOVE to be outside and go outside in all weathers! We are very lucky as we have a huge outdoor area where we can explore living things in our garden patch and grow our own plants and play on bikes and scooters. We also have lots of opportunities to take our literacy and numeracy learning into the outdoors, for example by writing with giant chalks and paintbrushes, playing number games and reading in our reading tent.

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school, for the whole week, not just on the day that we do PE in class.

We have a healthy snack in the mornings, which the children bring from home and a drink of milk (provided by school). Ideas for snack could be fruit, vegetables, cereal bars, cheese, breadsticks, yoghurt etc.

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school every day.  To ensure we maintain our healthy eating status, please send only water. Children may have fruit juice or squash in their packed lunch.
Thank you for your support in this

Our topic this term is 'All about me'. We willl start the term by talking about what we have been doing in the holidays. We will also be learning about different seasons, our likes and dislikes, feelings, senses and our families, as well as getting to know each other. Please see the attached curriculum brochure for more details.

If you would like to make some playdough at home and donate it to the Foundation Stage that would be great. Please speak to Mrs Clarke, Mrs Towart or Mrs Lyes. Also if you would like to donate any pasta, lentils, rice, spaghetti, jelly or shaving foam, that would also be really appreciated. 'Value' as in cheap brands is fine as it is only for the children to play with. Thank you for your contininued support.

Our topic this term will be 'Amazing Animals'
The children will be learning about different types of animal, animal habitats, baby animals and how to care for animals. The role play area will be a pet shop and a vets. We will be starting our topic with a visit from Mr Thorpe and his chickens.
The children will also be learning about winter, light and dark, exploring different sources of light, ice - melting and freezing and irreversible and reversible changes.
We will be making christmas arts and crafts and learning the story of christmas and about Diwali and Eid.
Please see the attached curriculum brochure for further details.

Term 3
Our Topic this term will be 'Dinosaur Detectives'.
The children will be learning all about dinosaurs - when they lived, what they ate, about different types of dinosaurs and their names, how they moved, where they came from, how big they were and what happened to the dinosaurs. Our role play area will be a dinosaur museum and we will be using our imagination in art and design to make dinosaur pictures.
In PE we will be using our bodies to move like dinosaurs and we will be making up a dinosaur dance.
In phonics we will be continuing to learn how to:
  • blend single sounds,
  • read double sounds such as sh, ch, th ...
  • and learn how to read and spell tricky words - he, she, the, to, we, me, be, was, my, no, go, you, they, her and are.
In maths we will be learning how to measure and compare the different sizes of things, especially dinosaurs. We will also be continuing to learn how to recognise numbers, add, subtract and order them.
We will also be learning about Chinese New Year and the Winter Olympics.
Please see attached curriculum brochure for further details.

Our topic this term is Transport
The children will be learning about different forms of transport:
  • transport in the air
  • transport on the ground
  • transport in water and
  • transport in space
We will be comparing transport used in the past with modern day transport, thinking about the materials used and how various forms of transport move.  We will be making some models of different forms of transport. Junk modelling will be needed so please continue to send it in.
  In Maths we will be measuring distances travelled and the time it takes to move using different forms of transport.
Thank you for your continuing support.
Please see attached curriculum brochure for more details on subject areas.

Term 5
Our topic this term is Growing
The children will be learning about:
  •  plants
  • how to grow plants
  • the different parts of a plant
  • how we grow
  • healthy eating, how to choose healthy foods and how to keep ourselves healthy and safe
  • signs of spring and summer in our local environment
  • comparing how we live with people in different countries
Our role play area will be a garden centre and we will be designing gardens and making flowers.
 In literacy we will be continuing with our daily phonics activities, learning about WOW words to make our writing more exciting and we will be writing diaries about the plants we grow.
In maths we will be measuring our plants and we will be continuing to improve our addition and subtraction skills.
As the weather will hopefully be better this term we will be taking more of our learning outside to make the most of our wonderful new outside area.
Please continue to read daily with your child at home and don't forget the words at the back of the children's diaries.
Thank you for your continuing support.
Please atttached curriculum brochure for more details.