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Super circuits

Wednesday 12 May

Today we made circuits learning how parallel circuits have more than one route and series only have one. We have been experimenting how to not only turn on light bulbs but motors and buzzers as well.


Lucas G




This afternoon in chinook class we have started making our own paper mache continents.

Thsi was a very hard challenge and as a result of that some are good and some are bad.


Chinook wishes you all a great weekend!


Harry TF

Friday 23rd April

Today in chinook class we have all overcame some mind bending math all about graphs.


Harry T-F

Today Sean finished a 150K run in 1 month

 With the help of the class. He has raised over 1000 pound even though

his target was 150.


Harry T-F


150K run completele

Monday 22nd March 2021


Today we took a look at the super sundial and we made cool predictions on were the shadow would be at different times of the day

it was so fun.😎 


Earlier today we also tried to complete our awesome basket ball beat challenge! 

We nearly finished it but we couldn’t in time unfortunately, it was still a blast though.

Friday 12th March 2021

Welcome back!!!


I am proud to say that ALL of Chinook class is back in school and we have had an amazing week!!

We have been doing a range of exiting activities, such as:

Long distance running -up to 2k

A range of sports (including ping-pong)

Maths revision

Friday 18th December

Today chinook class we have done some classroom cricket 🏏.

we have also watched the rest of our goodnight mister Tom film after we had a very hectic term with all the exhibition planning and hard work.

We have also celebrated that. ITS THE LAST DAY OF TERM!

Hope you all have a SMASHING Christmas! 


Harry T-F



Still image for this video

Friday 11th December

Today in Chinook class, we have planning ready for our virtual exhibition next week!

We have also signed and glockenspiels along to jingle bells, a very hard song to memorise.

As you probably know today is Christmas jumper day for our school. I don’t know about you, but Chinook are ready for the holidays!

Hope you all have a SMASHING weekend!


Harry T-F and Nathan W!

Our star musicians

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wednesday 9th December

Today in chinook class we have done some forward roles and very complicated math work.

in math we ad to look at placing coordinates and drawing the picture.

in P.E we did forward roles many people did awesomely!

Harry T-F

Our super coach👍🏼

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our pros👾

Still image for this video

Forward roles 😃

Still image for this video

Tuesday 8th December

Today in chinook class we have looked at improving our awesome football skills in a few games of king of the ring (when there is everyone in a square and trying to kick another persons ball out last man standing wins)and big game near the end of the session.

we also looked at making our scripts for a virtual exhibition better!

Harry T-F

Friday 4th December 2020

Today in chinook class we have spent most of the day designing cool bags for parents to buy online!

There are several marvellous bags created by all of our own expert artists from chinook class!

As you saw down below we have had a very crazy catwalk were we showed them of with great talent!

We have also practiced our jingle bells on glockenspiels ready for the last day of term!

Hope you all have a smashing weekend!


Harry T-F!


The crazy chinook catwalk!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 2nd December

Today in P.E we looked at quick cricket.

as you saw in the video titled uh oh... we may have had a little crack (credit to Harry H)

we also did a S.P.a.G test

Harry T-F

Our vaulting superstar isn’t as good at quick cricket.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Uh oh...

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Friday 27th November

Today in chinook class we looked at painting the AMAZING chimpanzees that we made the other week.

Also you may have noticed our cool P.E routines.

we have had a very cool week and chinook class wishes you a good weekend.

Harry T-F


AWESOME routines 2

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tuesday 24th November

Today in chinook class we have planned many explanations on how evolution works. 

We also played some funky football and we had some pretty good games but there is still MUCH more room for improvement.

Hope you all enjoy your evening!


Harry T-F!


Tuesday 17th November

Today in chinook class we looked at fractions of amounts in maths a very complicated task indeed and in English we were analysing different explanations.

In P.E today we looked at more funky football and learnt new tricks like skilled passing.


I hope you all are having a great time.   


Harry T-F!

Monday 16th November

Today we looked at many fabulous fossils and wrote a small exclamation on how they are created.


Harry T-F!


Friday 13th November

Today we made some awesome Paul Klee inspired paintings.

Also today we came in in non uniform for children in need and ended up raising over 650 pounds!

We hope you have you have a lovely weekend. 

Harry  T-F


Monday 9th November 2020

Today we learnt how to use texture to create a portrait of a chimpanzee. This took a lot of hard work and effort as you can see in these marvellous pictures. 


Also in math today we were converting improper fractions and mixed numbers a very complicated task which left me and many other children bewildered.


Harry T-F!






Wednesday 11th November 2020

Hi today as you might already know it has been remembrance day of 2020.

We have made many magnificent Poppy’s for the event and during the a zoom-baly  we watched two magnificent animations showing war as experienced by animals.

during the 2 minute silence we remembered all our fallen heroes who gave there tomorrow for our today


Harry T-F





Wednesday 4th November 2020


Today, Chinook class looked at evolution of Galapagos finches (that Charles Darwin discovered) and identified differences caused by adaption of environment. We also practised some vaulting in P.E.



Our vaulting superstar!

Still image for this video

Friday 23rd October 2020


Today we did  problem solving in Maths that involved teamwork, Topic about making an endangered animal slideshow and to end the day we watched goodnight mister Tom movie.


Thursday  22nd October 2020 


In English we had a debate over whether we should have zoos or not. It was lots of fun and it involved thinking on your feet. 

Thursday 22nd October 2020


Today we we completed some BIDMAS questions in maths (it was really challenging).


20th October 2020


Today we did some Long Division in maths.  



Thursday 15th October


Today Sean brought in a new class pet - 5 Indian stick insects - they are very cool and the whole class LOVES THEM!!!

Monday 12th October 2020


Today we learnt to name all the features of a flower and how new flowers are made.

We also looked at some persuasive propaganda posters

Friday 9th October 2020


Today, during problem solving Friday, Chinook class did a team task, ‘Arranging cubes’. We split into teams of up to 4 and we each got 8 clue cards. Using these cards, we had to solve a puzzle. It took a lot failed attempts, but through perseverance, a team finished this confusing task. We also created a diary based of goodnight Mr Tom -our class book. And to end the week we did a food chain research



Harry H

Thursday 8th October 2020


Today, Chinook class met the famous writer,  Maz Evans, author of the ‘Who Let The Gods Out?’ series — via zoom. We interviewed her and found out about the exciting life of an author. We also revised our multiplication methods in maths, finished our day of the dead fact files, and sharpened our skills in French.


Nathan W

Monday 5th October 2020


Today, Chinook class did some addition and subtraction problems in maths, took the role of a WW2 evacuee in English, read more of our class book Goodnight Mr Tom, and to end the day, we were classifying animals in science.


Nathan W



Friday 2nd October 2020


Today, chinook class attempted some nearly IMPOSSIBLE word problems in maths, did some topic based spellings, and to end the week, we did some WW2 poetry.


by Nathan W

Thursday 1st October 2020


Due to it being national poetry week, Chinook class looked at some WWII poetry and created posters as a poem success criteria.

We also did some ‘simple’ word problems on negative numbers and learned some french vocabulary with Mrs Whitty. And to end the day, we did some Christmas card drawing / day of the dead research.


Nathan W








Wednesday 30th September 2020


As a way of keeping in touch with the wider world, Chinook Class will be keeping our very own class blog! After this post, this blog will be entirely left to the children to manage and run; sharing their experiences of the school day with you at home.