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International Sports Day 2015

As you know we have our Sports Day approaching on Tuesday 23rd June 2015. 

This year, we have split the houses into difference countries and the children in each house will be representing the country given.

The countries were selected in a recent assembly where children had to select countries from the northern and southern hemisphere. These countries were then put on to pieces of paper and folded so that the captain of each house could not see the country when they were picking one.

The results were as follows....
Forest 1 - U.S.A
Forest 2 - Brazil

Desert 1 - Australia
Desert 2 - New Zealand

Fire 1 - Cyprus
Fire 2 - Paraguay

Ocean 1 - Russia
Ocean 2 - Great Britain

We have asked the children in these houses to find some information about these countries before competing on Tuesday.

Good Luck everyone!