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Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair is taking place on Wednesday 30 November from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm.


Volunteers for the Christmas Fair - Our PTA would like volunteers to help during the fair. If you are able to help please add your name to the list which is on the whiteboard outside Year 4's class room.


Non-Uniform Day - Please remember that we are having a Non-Uniform Day on Monday 28 November for a donation of an item of chocolate for the Chocolate Tombola stall.


Raffle Tickets - If you have any unsold raffle tickets please return them to the school office as soon as possible.


Christmas Shop - The Christmas Shop will be open at our Christmas Fair. The shop gives children a chance to purchase a lovely gift for their parents. The gifts are £2.00 per item and are wrapped and labelled so they remain a surprise until Christmas Day.


Class Stalls - As always, at our Christmas Fair the class stalls will be selling festive items they have created for family and friends.

There are two class enterprise awards that they will be working their best to gain and these are: ‘the class that raises the most money’ or ‘the class that has made the most per pupil’. These are always much sought after titles and the rivalry between classes, including staff is much fun!

Items will be advertised as a minimum donation of £2.50 and the children will be hoping that they have a successful festive class business!