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Weather Information

With the forecast of snow on the way we thought that we would just remind you to keep an eye on the school website for any updates on what is happening. Should the decision be to close, we will also send a notification out as soon as the decision is made.


Making the decision to close school is never one taken lightly and is based on a number of factors such as:


  1. Safety of staff travelling so that the school can open and safely operate - especially as we have a large number of teaching staff working least 30 minute drive away
  2. Safety of parents and children travelling in the local area
  3. Safety of the school grounds so that children and staff can move around safely


We will try to give you the information as soon as possible however the decision needs to made once Mrs Fawdry has heard from all staff as to their ability to attempt travelling in which may mean that the timing of our notice to close may differ from that at local schools. Mrs Fawdry also liaises with Headteachers in local schools giving an indication as to what the situation is like in the wider community and a closure is only made if absolutely necessary.


At the moment, we are planning to open school tomorrow (Thursday 1st March), however should this change during the night, early morning or even during the school day tomorrow, we will let you know with a notification as soon as possible.


Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation in this matter. The safety of our school community remains our highest priority at all times.