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Squirrel - Reception

Hello from Squirrels!


We just thought we would update you on a few things...


Firstly, we can't believe that Red and Blue Squirrels will start coming to school full time from Monday 26th September! We are absolutely thrilled with how well the children are settling into school life. Well done Squirrels- you are FANTASTIC!  no


Please bring your children to the classroom doors and collect them at 3.05 pm. Also please send in a 'healthy' morning snack and school will provide one for the afternoon.


We were very pleased to see our RAF Benson Community Primary School Reception children in this week's Henley Standard, thank you to everyone who brought a copy this afternoon. We have a few more left, priced at 90 p each. They will be available again on Monday after school.


Next week we will be introducing a more structured day for our Squirrels and a timetable for the week will be added to our page shortly. Please be aware that this is a guide and may change at anytime.  We just thought you would like to have an idea of our general routine. Schools are unbelievably busy places and plans often change incredibly quickly with very little warning!


Thank you all for your continued support.


Have a lovely weekend.


Squirrel Timetable

Here are some of the things we have been doing this week....

The second half of our first week...

This morning, a photographer from The Henley Standard newspaper came and took a photo of us all...we are hoping it will be published this Friday (22nd September) or next (29th) and we will let you know as soon as we do.


Next week when we start full days, please could you send in a snack for your child to eat in the morning (afternoon ones will be provided by the school).


Lots of us have colds at the moment so please, please, please send your child in with tissues. A donation of the odd box for the classrooms would always be gratefully received. 

Our First Week at RAF Benson Community Primary School