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Merlin - Year 5

Welcome to Spring 2

This term promises to be equally exciting, as we look at parachutes, how they work and the science behind it. And of course we will be making our own.

Parachutes and Other Paraphernalia

Parachutes and Other Paraphernalia  1
Alzheimer plays a trick on Grandpa making him believe that he is reliving his youth as a spitfire fighter pilot in World War 2, while in the real world he needs to escape from the cruel clutches of the retirement home owners. So we will be making a parachute to help him with his escape. We will be reading Grandpa's  Great Escape by David Walliams, and writing our own story based on the book. 

Welcome to Spring term 1. This term is called Potions and we will be having lots of wizardry  science fun. 


                                                                           Potions 1

 Harry's arch-enemy, Severus Snape teaches this subject. 


'I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death...’, 


Well maybe we won't be making death stopping potions, but we will be having lots of fun as we investigate science investigations from STEM. As well as having some fun with some H.P. mathematical problem solving and some enchanting wizardary stories. 

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Welcome to term 2. Our topic this term is The Fantastic Sistine Chapel 

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We are looking forward to a very exciting term, as we become art critics to write review, write mnemonic poetry to remember each of the Roman Gods, write a report on the changes Romans brought to Britain after they invaded and then finishing with instructions in order to recreate Michelangelo’s Creation.

Topic web. Term 2

Merlin class teacher is Mrs Duffy with Mrs Whitty supporting.


Homework will consist of:


-10 spellings per week, 

-reading daily,

-maths (revision of key concepts),

-a written piece of English


Homework will go out on Monday and is due in on Thursday


Please bring in your PE kits on Monday and leave them in for the week.

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Term 1. Wonderful World















What an exciting term we have planned with Tim! We will be creating solar system models, sundials, shadow clocks, science experiments, as well as hopefully visiting Winchester planetarium. As if this wasn't enough we will be learning to use co-ordinates, maps and thinking about space food - what it is and how and why it is stored.





Welcome to year five as we enjoy our topic 


 Wonderful World.

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Term 2. The Fantastic Sistine Chapel

Term 3. Potions

Term 4.  100 years RAF Celebration.

Term 5. Raging Rivers

Term 6. Ancient Greeks