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School Attainment and Progress Information

As a school we need to share with you how our children perform at the end of key stages of the school.

These are:
  • Foundation Stage
  • Year 1 Phonic Check Scores and Year 2 re-take
  • End of KS1 SATs
  • End of KS2 SATs

Data on our current progress can be found in the documents at the bottom of this page. 

One point to note about our school is the level of mobility not only throughout our school but in each class and we have included a chart in the mobility report to illustrate this to you.

Mobility is not an excuse at our school but can give reasons for anomalies in our data as we have many children who come to us from Scotland and overseas where end of phase assessment is not statutory.

In addition to this, we also have children arriving at our school at many stages through the KS1 and KS2 phases and KS2 data in particular is measured from the end of KS1. In our case for July 2017 12 out of 23 children in the 2017 cohort travelled through KS2 at our school exclusively. There were just 8 children who had travelled from Reception to Year 6 at our school.


2017 Cohort - Year 6 SATs

We are aware that the 2017 KS2 test data has had a significant dip compared to previous years and this will be indicated in national published data in December 2017. During the Summer term, the school was moderated by both the Local Authority and Ofsted and both organisations were satisfied that the teacher assessment of pupil progress was accurate.  The evidence from teacher assessments and the quality of teaching they observed indicated that the 2017 cohort had lacked confidence when taking the SATs. We are taking steps to build children's confidence in their ability to sit assessments to ensure that this does not happen again.


Whilst this is now historical data, we continue to monitor pupil progress with governors and the school leadership team to ensure that every pupil achieves the highest level they can.


We do all we can to equip our pupils with the tools they need to take the tests however, we also need to be mindful of building their skills of self confidence and resilience so they can be successful and positive learners whichever school they are at.