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Who's Who

Mrs Fawdry - Headteacher


Squirrel Class - Reception

Mrs White - Class Teacher

Mrs Richards - Teaching Assistant


Griffin Class - Year 1/2
Miss Trewavas - Class Teacher 

Mrs Thornton - Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Moy - Teaching Assistant (pm)

Mrs Davies - Teaching Assistant



Lynx Class - Reception/Yr 1 

Miss Lee - Class Teacher

Mrs Wales  - Higher  Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kinvig - Teaching Assistant


Gazelle Class - Year 2

Mrs Hastings - Class Teacher (am)

Miss Galvin - Assistant Headteacher (pm)

Mrs Davies - Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Thornton - Teaching Assistant (pm)

Puma Class - Year 3

Mr Hopkinson - Class Teacher

Mrs Hill - Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs McCrindle - Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Neal - Teaching Assistant (pm)




Apache Class - Year 4

Miss Webster - Class Teacher

Mrs Whitty -  Higher Level Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Webb - Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs McCrindle - Teaching Assistant (pm)

Mrs Henig - Teaching Assistant (pm)




Merlin Class - Year 5
Mr Gair - Class Teacher

Mrs Minns - Teaching Assistant (am)

Mrs Hill - Teaching Assistant (pm)




Chinook Class - Year 6

Miss Bradley - Class Teacher

Mrs Walshe - Teaching Assistant (am)




Office Staff

Mrs Annets - Finance and Personnel Officer
Mrs Faulkner - Attendance/Administration Officer



Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Wales

Mrs Davies
Mrs Kellett
Mrs Walshe
Mrs Hill
Mrs Thornton

Mrs Richards

Mrs Webb

Mrs Kinvig

Mrs Minns

Mrs Henig

Mrs Neal

Mrs Moy


Other Staff

Madame Whitty - French Teacher
Mrs Kellett - Pastoral Support Officer

Mrs Lyes - Higher Level Teaching Assistant + SEND




Site Staff

Mr Thorpe - Site Manager
Mrs Parker - Cleaner

Mrs Shahi - Cleaner




Kitchen Staff

Ms McCullough - School Chef
Mrs Kipling - Assistant Chef


Designated Safeguarding Leads​

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSLs) is the first point of contact for any member of the school staff or parent community who has a concern about the safety and well-being of a pupil.

We have 1 DSL and 4 Deputy DSLs and they are:



  • Mrs Fawdry - Headteacher (DSL)
  • Mrs Kellett - Pastoral Support Officer
  • Mrs Lyes - Higher Level Teaching Assistant and SEND
  • Mrs Richards - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Wales - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


 These members of staff undergo specific DSL training every 2 years in addition to other training related specifically to safeguarding.