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Tim Peake's Rocket Science

YES! We have been successful in our application to take part in the Tim Peake Rocket Science Project!

We are SO excited!

To find out what we will be up to, have a look at the Royal Horticultural Society page below.

Come back soon to find out how we are getting on and find our new updates by scrolling down the page.




Update - March 2016

Our seeds are on their way! We received the following message:


The seeds are back!

At 04:26am on Tuesday 2nd March, Commander Scott Kelly of NASA and Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov of Roscosmos landed safely back on Earth in Kazakhstan. The seeds then travelled with Scott Kelly to NASA in Houston on a charter flight from Moscow, Russia and returned to the UK on Thursday. We are now getting ready to pack them up so they can be sent to you with your Rocket Science experiment pack in April!

We are now preparing to plant the seeds as soon as they arrive with us after Easter and we will put up some pictures to show you how we are doing.

Update - April 

The seeds have arrived and have been planted following the step by step guide sent by Rocket Science. Year 3, Puma Class is the lucky class chosen to look after the seeds as they grow. The children will be measuring the plants and counting leaves. They will then enter the data into the Measurement Chart which is on the on line Experiment Database.


Update - May 2016


Our exciting experiment has made it into the Oxford Mail! As well as our fabulous Mrs Boodell! Click on the link below.


Update 11th May


Today Puma Class have been counting how many seeds are alive and measuring the tallest plant in each tray. We are regularly watering all the Rocket plants, we have to make sure each tray gets the same amount of water. We also turn each tray 180 degrees each day so each seed gets enough sun.