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THRIVE - School Award

We believe that we need to equip our children with the skills to cope with the challenges that they will face as part of their journey through life, education and beyond. We know that may of our children may attend up to as many as 3 or 4 primary schools before moving into Year 7.


Therefore, as well as creating lasting memories, friendships and developing our children academically we need to teach the life skills to help them cope with any situation that they may face and basically..... THRIVE!


In our vision, we state how we want to prepare our children to be citizens of the future and to be the best that they can be and for us to stay true to our vision we have devised a school award which we believe will allow the children to exhibit .


The award is called THRIVE.


THRIVE stands for:


T = Thinking and Creating


H - Hard Working and Active Learning


I = Independence


V = Valuing Myself and Others


E = Exploring the World



Within each area there is a list of criteria that the children can show that they meet through a variety of activities and actions both in and out of school.


To find out what they are, take a look at the booklet below. You will also find some pictures from the day showing some of the activities - can you guess which letter they were exploring?


THRIVE Introduction Day