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Maths across the school


Our school believes that every child is entitled to a high quality mathematics education, which will provide a foundation for them to understand the world. As a result, they will have an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.


It is our belief that all of our pupils should:


Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, so that they:

  • have a well-developed sense of number values
  • know by heart key number facts, e.g. times-tables and related division facts, number bonds – in line with the latest programmes of study
  • apply knowledge of the above to work out connected facts

Reason mathematically, so that they:

  • are able to follow a line of enquiry
  • provide generalisations and proof of findings around their investigations
  • are able to justify their thinking, e.g. the reasons why a particularly calculation strategy is the most efficient


Solve problems by applying their understanding of mathematics, so that they:

  • encounter a variety of both routine and non-routine problems
  • are able to select specific mathematics skills and/or operations
  • persevere with a line of enquiry, breaking down increasingly complex problems into a series of smaller steps


Our school maths curriculum is developed so that all pupils will be able to experience a variety of maths and develop the skills above on a regular basis. The school uses White Rose Maths as a backbone for planning along with other resources such as Nrich and Mathletics to enrich and enhance the provision, allowing pupils to be immersed in daily active, challenging and enjoyable maths experiences.


We place a high emphasis on learning times tables as these play an important part in helping pupils apply their knowledge in many contexts.


Maths across the school