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I feel confident with problem solving because they are generally easy. I enjoy doing them and the regular practise has helped me use different methods. We do problem solving twice a week (Immy, Year 6) 


I am in the middle – sometimes I understand and sometime I don’t. I feel more confident since we practise them regularly as we answer as a group and I know where I have gone wrong so we analyse our mistakes. (Sam, Year 6) 


I am quite confident now with problem solving. I use bus stop method (I am confident with that) and column addition. I feel more confident as we are doing them more regularly and I am learning more. (Dillon, Year 5) 


I am confident with problem solving although sometimes I overthink the questions. Practising help me understand and become familiar with the questions. When it is in my work I know what to do and how to answer the question. Jessica (Year 5) 


I am always trying to do challenges in Maths and I am confident with problem solving. I feel more confident as we practise regularly and we do it at least weekly. (Josh Year 3) 


I am quite confident because some word problems are easy and some are hard. I am more confident at doing them now as I am finding them easier. (Cameron Year 3) 


I am quite confident as Maths is my favourite subject. I do a lot of Maths at home. I am feeling more confident since practising them regularly as I am getting to know more. We normally do problem solving after lunch and we always do maths in the morning. 

I am in the middle of problem solving, sometimes confident and sometimes not. I have grown in confidence since practising them regularly because the more I do then better I will get. (Bailey, Year 4) 


I am in the middle – sometimes I am confident and I get them right and sometimes I get then wrong. I am growing in confidence since doing them regularly and I am getting more right. (Ella Year 4) 


I am very confident at problem solving. I am learning different methods and ways to work them out. (Ben Year 4) 


I am confident with problem solving and I know how to answer some of them. I fine the questions quite easy (Jessica Year 4) 


I am not that confident as I sometimes get stuck. I am more confident after practising them regularly as children explain their workings to me and I can see where I have gone wrong. (Olivia Year 5)