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Useful websites

Here are some useful websites to check up on methods (for parents, we were all taught different methods at school, and the children). 


  •  This is a great website. If you type in the problem you are having such as long multiplication it will come up with the method and detailed step by step explanations. 
  •   This is a great website for English and Maths revision. It also has some science revision on there too so if you are struggling with any of the science homework, this could be your place to go. 
  •   For all of your Grammar needs




If you are looking for some extra help worksheets on something your child might be struggling on. Type the type of problem you have into google and specify worksheets. 


For example: 

Pronouns worksheets KS2 (or Year 6) 


Another great way for the children to continue their learning at home (if they are happy to do so) is to purchase the CGP Revision Guides (they are available to buy at our school office). They are a funny revision guide which keep the children entertained whilst revising. 



*Please note, this is only here for you if you want any extra help, it is not mandatory or something that I am expecting the children to be doing in their free time.*